Monthly Archives: September 2014

Forgiveness – Don’t let your past hold you back

I have been a follower of Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction for some time now.  As my awareness has grown, looking at my own life and how it has changed in all areas and as I witness those around me, struggling with life, the biggest thing I can see holding them back is the ability to forgive.   Believe me, I have had a lot of forgiving to do and to begin with, it may sound difficult when you feel that you have been wronged.  Having dealt with this process in my life.  I no longer feel any angst or pain, guilt or anger and have found a new sense of peace.  I am no longer a victim.  I have no need to evaluate a situation from 30 to 40 years ago trying to make sense of it.  It happened, there is nothing I can do to change it and the best thing I could do to help myself was to ‘Let it go’.

If you are struggling to forgive someone, or indeed, you are the person riddled with guilt about something that you feel bad about in your past, FREE yourself now from the bondage of resentment.  Forgive yourself and others so that you may begin your own journey towards healing yourself on the inside.

An inability to forgive, will only hurt you on a deeper level.  You will always be blocking your own abundance of health, wealth, love and happiness,because on a sub-conscious level you feel that you do not deserve these things in life.   Let go of all of your past judgments about the situations that you are holding on to, then forgiveness will become a more natural process, that you will not have to think about.  The peace of mind that you will receive from forgiving will be worth it and it may just change your world.


Group now full – Project Phone not manned 24/7

We have been receiving lots of missed calls on the project phone.  Please be aware that our phone is not manned as we do not have the manpower to do this – this is a community project and all therapists / volunteers do work day jobs.  Please leave a text message with your enquiry or a voicemail or email  This group is now full but we are happy to keep your info on file should we receive future funding to run another project or continue with this one.