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Support STAGES at the NEW Corby Lottery

Corby lottery is supporting local causes giving out a whopping 50% of all monies coming in to the charity of your choice and 10% distributed to all charities signed up with them.

You could also win a nice little bonus of up to £25,000.

Help to fund your own community and spend your money wisely.

Our page is at

We appreciate and use every single penny of the money that comes into our charity

on our service users needs.  We are very low on funds at the moment as we have

been rejected for several of our recent bids for funding.

However, if you have been watching us, you will know that we are in with a

chance of really taking STAGES to its potential as a finalist #peoplesprojects.


Young Female Service User’s Story


I have suffered with some mental health problems since secondary  school and was diagnosed with additional mental and physical conditions in my early 20s. I attended a holistic healing event put on by stages and a few months later , I attended one of their mindfulness courses, which has helped me, not only on a mental and emotional level but also physically too.

Through Stages I have met some amazing people and lifelong friends. It is nice to have met people who don’t judge and also people who actually understand what you’re experiencing. I feel comfortable around the other stages members and genuinely feel that I can be myself, which I haven’t felt in a long time.


Female Service User Story and why she wants you to vote for STAGES

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I first joined stages in 2014. My sister in law handed me a leaflet which remained on my fridge for a week until I plucked up the courage to email to ask for a place on the upcoming mindfulness course. I went to that first session and never looked back. As a sufferer of bipolar disorder and OCD, I found I could feel very isolated. With stages, I have built up friendships and as I’ve said many times, it’s like a second family to me. The support is always there and the holistic therapies are extremely relaxing.

Mindfulness has changed me in ways I didn’t know possible. It has led to more rational thinking styles, acceptance of all emotions, even the bad ones and the ability to meditate to shut off my very busy mind.  It is a godsend for me and I feel it has not only been a benefit for myself, but my husband and children who have a calmer wife and mum. One in four of us will suffer from a mental health condition and services in this area are lacking.  We need stages so we can always be able to support people who are suffering in silence.  To help get rid of the stigma surrounding it and to prevent people becoming isolated. I am extremely fortunate that my sister in law passed on that leaflet, that one act turned out to be a turning point in my life.

Jo’s Story and why she would LOVE you to VOTE for STAGES


I came along to stages back in April last year . Trying to find a better way to manage my grief after losing my mum . Stages taught me how to use mindfulness to combat my grief and PTSD. I went on to volunteer and gained my first reiki certificate . Now I can help give back a little, with the holistic therapies stages offer. Amd being able to give back has made a massive difference in not only my life but my families life . I have become more assertive and confident in my daily life and my anxieties have became non existent I’m. so gratetful stages found me.  Healing the mind was only the start of an extraordinary journey.

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Dave’s story and why he wants you to VOTE for STAGES


My wife Sandra and I have been together for fifteen years now. Our first ten years were quite difficult because of Sandra’s illness (bipolar depression) and her coping mechanisms for dealing with it. On two occasions I had to make the decision to have Sandra sectioned for her own mental health, which I found incredibly difficult and emotional. After one of many stays in hospital, Sandra received 14 months of psychological treatment at Stuart Road which led to her engaging with the STAGES group where Sandra met Katie’s husband Wayne. They both completed a life skills group together. This experience led directly to her finding new and valuable friends who can offer her the support she needs because they understand what she is going through. I am also a member of the STAGES group and I have witnessed first-hand the friendship and bond Sandra has formed with Katie Read the group director, as well as the other group members. We all help and support each other through our difficulties and this makes us stronger. This has had a positive influence on my relationship with Sandra and given us a happier and more stable life together. The STAGES group is a very worthy cause and I believe charitable funding would do so much good for the group and the people of Corby it already helps, as well as newcomers who would be able to join. Everything is offered to people of Corby and surrounding villages for free to include mindfulness course’s, the learning of holistic therapies and approach such as Reiki, Indian head massage, hand and foot reflexology, relaxing hand massage, tea, coffee chat meet ups where newcomers are welcomed to come along to see if they would like to join us for therapy and meditation. There is absolutely nothing else like it and nothing else can come close to the truly awesome work that this charity provides. Corby would be devastated to lose this absolutely awesome resource.

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Great start to the first day of our Peoples Projects Campaign to win £50,000 lottery funding

Team STAGES have been at the Corby Town centre, since before 9am this morning, to gain some awareness.  We gave out lots of leaflets and got some votes on our market stall.  We would like to thank all of those lovely Corby people who came up to us and voted for us by postcard and those who voted online and took leaflets to spread the word.  We would also like to thank all of the Corby businesses in the Corby town centre today, who offered to put our leaflets up and also for the very lovely lady working in Gregg’s who carried some teas and coffees to our stall, when she could see that I was disabled.

Thanks to everyone at team STAGES who were drenched and shivering for almost 5 hours

to gain us some much needed local support.

You can vote online or by postcard using the below information and FREEPOST ADDRESS.

You are welcome to call into celebration park building tonight between 6.30 and 8.30 for postcards or leaflets.  Or pick some up from us on Thursday at Corby market.

We are the only Corby charity this year to reach the #peoplesprojects final.

Postcardbppp_resources_social_engFB_CoverClick on this image to go directly to our Healing Minds – People Helping People Project.


Michelle’s Story & why she hopes that you will Vote for Healing Minds – People Helping People Project at The People’s Projects Final 2017


I joined Stages just over a year ago, after losing a family member through suicide, while she was an inpatient. Then a year on from that, my brother decided that he could manage without his medication. August that year was a complete nightmare, using all the experience I had developed over the years suddenly meant nothing at all, until I met up with a couple of members of #Stages. I quite often wonder, if my Sister had access to the group, would she still be with us today ? I know how much the group means to me & everyone in it.  I can quite honestly say, it has made such a difference to my quality of life & would go as far to say, it actually saves the NHS money. Less Dr’s Appointments, hospital visits, psychiatrist appointments & being able to manage on little medication. I personally wouldn’t want to be without this group, it has made such a difference to my life & my families. They have seen my confidence grow since joining the group.

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