Michelle’s Story & why she hopes that you will Vote for Healing Minds – People Helping People Project at The People’s Projects Final 2017


I joined Stages just over a year ago, after losing a family member through suicide, while she was an inpatient. Then a year on from that, my brother decided that he could manage without his medication. August that year was a complete nightmare, using all the experience I had developed over the years suddenly meant nothing at all, until I met up with a couple of members of #Stages. I quite often wonder, if my Sister had access to the group, would she still be with us today ? I know how much the group means to me & everyone in it.  I can quite honestly say, it has made such a difference to my quality of life & would go as far to say, it actually saves the NHS money. Less Dr’s Appointments, hospital visits, psychiatrist appointments & being able to manage on little medication. I personally wouldn’t want to be without this group, it has made such a difference to my life & my families. They have seen my confidence grow since joining the group.

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