Dave’s story and why he wants you to VOTE for STAGES


My wife Sandra and I have been together for fifteen years now. Our first ten years were quite difficult because of Sandra’s illness (bipolar depression) and her coping mechanisms for dealing with it. On two occasions I had to make the decision to have Sandra sectioned for her own mental health, which I found incredibly difficult and emotional. After one of many stays in hospital, Sandra received 14 months of psychological treatment at Stuart Road which led to her engaging with the STAGES group where Sandra met Katie’s husband Wayne. They both completed a life skills group together. This experience led directly to her finding new and valuable friends who can offer her the support she needs because they understand what she is going through. I am also a member of the STAGES group and I have witnessed first-hand the friendship and bond Sandra has formed with Katie Read the group director, as well as the other group members. We all help and support each other through our difficulties and this makes us stronger. This has had a positive influence on my relationship with Sandra and given us a happier and more stable life together. The STAGES group is a very worthy cause and I believe charitable funding would do so much good for the group and the people of Corby it already helps, as well as newcomers who would be able to join. Everything is offered to people of Corby and surrounding villages for free to include mindfulness course’s, the learning of holistic therapies and approach such as Reiki, Indian head massage, hand and foot reflexology, relaxing hand massage, tea, coffee chat meet ups where newcomers are welcomed to come along to see if they would like to join us for therapy and meditation. There is absolutely nothing else like it and nothing else can come close to the truly awesome work that this charity provides. Corby would be devastated to lose this absolutely awesome resource.

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