Monthly Archives: May 2017

STAGES is in desperate need of Fundraisers

STAGES are currently in desperate need of local support.   We are completely reliant on charitable donations since our last grant ended in October 2016 and we  have only ever received small grants to help us.   Any money that we have received has always been givingquote

responsibly used and 20 week projects have managed to be stretched to continue weekly to keep people who need our regular support.  We have supported our service users for 50 of the 52 weeks in 2016 when we were only funded for 20.  We have been supporting our service users since early January until now every single week, still without any other financial support – thanks to the good will of volunteers and in particular Jamie Webster’s 2016 fundraising efforts.

Our People’s Projects Campaign campaign earlier this year, raised a huge amount of interest and awareness and many new service users have signed up as members as a result.  However, we are in a more difficult position now than ever before.

If you have an idea that could help us to raise funds ,so that we can keep our service accessible to those who need it, please follow the link below where you can create your own fundraising page through our localgiving platform.  funraise button


Alternatively, you can support us by signing up to the Corby Lottery through our STAGES Corby Lottery page